Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, non-residents can purchase real estate property in Fiji. However, freehold properties that are larger than one acre will require the consent from the Minister of Lands.

Ownership of real estate properties in Fiji can be an individual or more people. Companies and partnerships can acquire real estate properties in Fiji. Trusts and joint ventures can purchase real estate properties in Fiji as well.

Yes, non-residents can sell properties to another non-resident buyer. However, consent from the Minister of Lands should be acquired prior to dealing into a binding contract. An application should be submitted by each party to the Department of Lands for approval.

VAT is payable when purchasing a new property. The seller encourages one to seek independent legal advice to ensure the responsibility of VAT in the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

All transfers of properties prior to settlement is payable on Stamp Duty. Resident purchasers of real estate property pay 3% and a non-resident purchaser pays 10%.

There is a 10% Capital Gains Tax in effect on profits from the sale of property in Fiji.

All foreign investors wanting to set up a business in Fiji would require a Foreign Investment Registration Certificate from Investment Fiji in order to register a Company, Partnership etc.

Work permits can be obtained from the Department of Immigration given that all necessary requirements are satisfied.

Unlike other countries, Fiji is more relaxed, as it is not as busy and crowded. The lifestyle is great and multicultural people reside in Fiji.

There is a lot to do on the weekends when in Fiji. There are many activities such as swimming, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, fishing, golf, tennis, bowls, exploring, village visits, shopping and sightseeing to some of the beautiful islands of Fiji.

Yes, broadband internet is available in most locations around Fiji. Vodafone and Digicel now offer 4G wireless internet service covering most of the country.

Most banks can open external accounts in Fiji for non-residents. This external account will enable you to transfer funds from overseas for your investment in Fiji.

Note: While the information above is deemed accurate, this website makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the information provided. Please consult a law firm and/or accountant before investing.